Bellarine Hill mini goats
- breeding Nigerian Dwarf goats

Buying our Goats

We are currently building and developing our herd numbers so at this stage do not have any does available for purchase.

We do have four wethers available as pets from our 2021 season, born early August 2021.

They have all been bottle feed and are extremely affectionate and friendly. They are fully weaned but still need to be housed in a shed at night to keep them safe from foxes. They are playful and will make excellent pets. They will need space to play and investigate, together with a little affection from you. They will make very poor lawn mowers!

Please understand that we only sell our wethers as pets and in pairs. Goats are herd animals and although very sociable with other animals and birds, need other "goaty" company to be happy. Please check with your council to ensure that there are no restrictions on the keeping of goats in your area. You will also need a PIC number, available at no charge, from your state Department of Primary Industries or Agriculture.

If interested, please contact us via Facebook messanger, email or via our Contact Us web page. We are happy to help with any questions.